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Euro Asia Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, founded in 2005, is a subsidiary of Mos-Lanka Holdings, and an ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified Premium Tea Producing and Exporting Company, that has won awards nationally, as well as internationally. Our products at Euro Asia Corporation fall under the category of haute cuisine, designed for those who know and appreciate that good things are never cheap. Therefore our products are made of the finest of the very best of Pure Ceylon Teas, for the discerning tastes of the crème de la crème of Tea connoisseurs. Today we are the leaders in the category of Premium Tea Exporting Companies in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Our mission is to discover and share through our exports, the hidden mysteries thus far undiscovered, of this magical beverage known the world over as Pure Ceylon Tea. We are a registered Tea Exporter with the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Member of the Colombo Tea Traders Association (CTTA), Member of Tea Exporters Association of Sri Lanka (TEA), Member of National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka and a Member of the Specialty Tea Institute of the USA. Besides Euro Asia Corporation, the Mos-Lanka Group comprises five other subsidiary Companies, involved in diverse fields, such as Higher Education in Medicine in the Russia Federation, Logistics and Warehousing, Tourism, Leisure and the Hospitality industry. Each Company, which comes under the Mos-Lanka Holdings umbrella, has fine-tuned its Products and Services, to the highest quality required, by discerning international markets. Therefore today, as a Group, we are a highly competitive and respected business enterprise, which has earned high levels of customer retention and loyalty. Euro Asia Corporation is ably supported by a highly qualified team of professionals, both locally and internationally with over 25 years experience covering all aspects of the Tea Export Industry. Currently our leading partner in Tea exports is its leading consumer- Russia. We have also succeeded in penetrating other markets throughout the world especially in Germany, Latvia, China, Hong Kong ,USA, Ukraine, Pakistan, Moldova, Taiwan and Malaysia. We now aim to reach other global markets as well. Unlike the usual large scale Tea Exporter our business operation focuses on providing a customer oriented service. Therefore our customers are assured of nothing but the best in the quality of our products, order processing and on-time delivery. Hence our business sits well in a highly competitive environment as we have the edge in providing a unique and customized service. Our company therefore focuses only on the finest quality of Pure Ceylon Teas. Our connoisseur's collection is made up of premium quality unblended Black and Green Teas from the luscious Tea gardens of the high, medium and low lands of Sri Lanka. In addition we at Euro Asia Teas take pride in our innovative range of Specialty Teas. Our expertise lie in our unique methods of flavoring our Teas while retaining the authentic flavour of Pure Ceylon Tea which our Country is renowned for. Furthermore our connoisseur's choice of Pure Ceylon Teas is hygienically packed in the most colourful and artistically decorative professionally crafted containers that collectors would undoubtedly cherish. Our exclusive range of Teas fall under two brand names F&S and Favor. These brands offer the limitless possibilities of Pure Ceylon Tea. Dressed in our unique packages, both unblended Tea in its pure form as well as innovatively blended Teas either flavored or natural will carry the connoisseur through a journey of an array of tastes, flavors and aroma. Thus we at Euro Asia Corporation are fully equipped to cater to any specific requirement of form or quantity. At Euro Asia Teas we are confident that our products please the diverse tastes of the global Tea connoisseur. Our secret lies in combining tradition with modern thinking. Therefore our primary focus is on bringing you a cup of much more than only Tea. Our Teas are designed not only to tantalize but also to revitalize your mind, body and soul as well.

Festival – English Tea Collection

Pure Ceylon Leafy Wiry Tea 175g / Loose Tea Caddy This is an ode to the classic taste of Pure Ceylon black Tea.

Carte de la Ceylan – Exclusive Premium Sea Adventure

100g / Loose Tea Packet This familiar taste of Pure Ceylon black Tea with no added flavour will give you the vim, vigor & vitality to kick-start the day.

Pure Ceylon Semi Leaf Tea

FV524 Ceylon Classics– Tea Unlimited 100g / Loose Tea Caddy Blending the goodness of Pure Ceylon black Tea with natural Carrot pieces, Safflower Petals & Hawaiian flavour to revitalize your body while suffusing your complexion with a healthy glow

The Magic Pheasant – Batik Tea Collection

Pure Ceylon Green Tea Special 150g / Loose Tea Caddy This is Green Tea in the age-old tradition of the Chinese.


Gold Award : Tea Value Added Sector-Large Category( 2014) at the 23nd Annual National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) Awards- 2015 held in Sep.2015.


Gold Award : Most Outstanding Exporter in Tea Value Added Sector -2014 at the 23nd Annual National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) Awards- 2015 held in n Sep.2015.


Gold category awarded by the globally recognized Business Initiative Directions.The award was presented at a glittering ceremony held at the Inter Continental Frankfurt Convention Center in Germany on April 26, 2015.


Gold Award for Value Added Tea Sector - Medium Category by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lankaat the 21st Annual Export Award Presentation Ceremony in September 2013.


Gold Award for Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter for the 'FAVOR' range of Premium Teas by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, at the 21st Annual Export Award Presentation Ceremony September 2013.


Silver Award for Value Added Tea Sector - Medium Category by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka at its 20th Annual General Meeting held in September 2012.


Most Outstanding Tea Branding Award - Other Regions at the Hong Kong International Trade Fair Tea Competition - 2012, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Authority.

Euro Asia Corporation (Pvt) Ltd., is an award winning ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified Premium Tea Producing and Exporting Company both nationally as well as internationally, founded in 2005. Today we are the leaders in the category of Premium Tea Exporting Companies in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

In recognition of total compliance with required international norms and conventions, we have obtained the following certifications;

  • ISO 22000: 2005
  • GMP

ISO 22000: 2005 - Food Safety Management System

This is a standard developed by the International Organization for standardization dealing with food safety and the highest and most recognised food-related certification in the world.
Therefore it brings Euro Asia Teas the stamp of international approval as well as an endorsement of the quality and success of our operations.

HACCP - The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System

This is an international standard for safe food production adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most effective means for controlling food borne diseases.
Our Company was awarded the HACCP certification after its systems were certified to be in conformity to the most stringent quality and safety specifications required.

GMP- Good Manufacturing Practices

This certification ensures the integrity of our product manufacturing process as well as compliance with food safety regulations. GMP is an important enhancement to our food safety management system, which increases our customers' confidence in our commitment to trading and producing safe, high quality Teas.

Pure Ceylon Tea is the most sought after by connoisseurs of Tea the world over. Renowned for its rich body of flavour, aroma and colour Pure Ceylon Tea with each sip, carries one through a gastronomical journey of the surreal.

History of Ceylon Tea

Pure Ceylon Tea stands above the rest in all its glory! The hypnotizing taste of pure Ceylon tea takes your mind far away from the stresses of a routine day, just by the intake of a small sip of its divine taste. In Sri Lanka people make a habit of drinking tea often as they are permitted to, since a fresh cup of pure Ceylon tea is the drink everybody's mind desires. That is why the history of tea runs back to the glorious past, where our proud royals experienced the best natural brew.

Tea was first introduced to Ceylon in 1867 as an experiment by a British Planter named James Taylor. Thereafter he set up the first Commercial Tea Plantation on just 19 acres to begin with on a property called the 'Loolecondera Estate' close to the Hill Capital of Kandy.

This plantation was to become the model for future development of the Tea industry of Ceylon. Tea came to be the principal crop of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in the early 1870s, and in 1875 James Taylor managed to send the first shipment of Ceylon Tea to the London Tea Auction.

A Scotsman named Thomas Lipton, a millionaire in the United Kingdom visited Ceylon in the 1890s en route to Australia when he met James Taylor. Together they discussed the possibilities of starting a business in exporting Tea from Ceylon and hence Lipton's Company started buying Ceylon Tea.

Together with Thomas Lipton, James Taylor also pioneered the Tea export industry of Ceylon.

Pure Ceylon Tea Production

Sri Lanka is currently the fourth largest Tea producer in the world and exports most of its produce making it the world's second largest Tea exporter. Pure Ceylon Tea has thus been developed to cater to the palates of Tea drinkers throughout the world.

The strength of Pure Ceylon Tea does not lie only in the volume of production, but also in its superior quality and taste. Tea mostly thrives on sloping terrain therefore it is grown in the central highlands and southern inland foothills at varying elevations.

Based on the elevation at which it is grown, Pure Ceylon Tea is identified under three varieties- Low Grown, Mid Grown and High Grown.

Ceylon Specialty Tea

There are seven principal regions in Sri Lanka that grow Pure Ceylon Tea.