Talas Trading Company

Adresse Syria
Land Switzerland
Haupttelefon +963 116116351
URL / Webseite www.talasgroup.com
Märkte Arab countries, many African and regional countries
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Talas Group is classified now by large increased sectors of consumers in Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq, as a main credible source of a wide variety of products including; Premieum Black, Green and Flavored Tea, Premium Tuna, High Quality Basmati Rice, as will as Canned foods like Sweet Corn, Mushroom, Sliced Pineapple, Foul Medammes, Hummus Tahini, Green Peas, Vegetable Ghee, Olive Oil, Vinegar, and many other products. Through high trained, experienced, and qualified ditribution cadres, depending on constantly increased fleet of most advanced distribution vehicles, our products are constantly reaching to all targeted market sectors. In Talas Group, Logistic activities are being managed using the most updated vehicle tracking systems, that guarantee easy products' movement and flow toward all available sales points

Tolido Green Tea

Science has proved the many benefits of green tea for your health, both in terms of stimulating the mind and weight loss, or protection from heart disease, aging, cancer, or even in the prevention of food poisoning and inflammation of the joints and the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Those benefits Has inspired us a luxurious assortment of Tolido green tea to suit every taste to ensure a life of renewed youth, Hence, you can enjoy sipping it pure without flavoring, or you can select one of its rich flavors starting from the famous Earl Grey , as well as the refreshing and rich jasmine and mint flavors, or even cardamom, ginger, lemon, orange, strawberry and merryberry flavors.

Tolido Tuna

Golden White Meat Tuna Tuna meat became a preferred choice for many people due to its lovely taste, lightness on stomach and ease of digestion, as well as its benefits for heart and brain health, and richness in vitamins, minerals and others, For each one who understands the true value of tuna, we have selected for you the luxury Tolido Golden Tuna from the famous Thai fisheries, coming to you of its breathtaking and coherent appearance , distinctive white color, Appetizing smell and rich taste. Luxury Flakes Tuna Because tuna meat, as a result of its benefits, enormous taste and delicious taste, has gained a great popularity, people's tastes and desires vary concerning its shape, and method of preparation and eating. Hence, Tolido keen to provide you it in a shape of a soft segments increase the ease of eating and fit dishes, its recipes containing tuna at this appearance. Luxury Chunks Tuna For those who favored meditation on the shape and color of tuna meat before they push it into their mouths, Tolido tuna coming to you in the form of luxury chunks because passion starts from a look!

Natural Tolido Vinegar

Science has proven the great benefits of natural vinegar, even in regard to fighting diabetes, prevention of heart disease and hardening of the arteries as well as treat coughs and colds, or with respect to contributing to reduce weight and relieve headaches and pain and others. Because Tolido is seeking to be the companion of every table in every occasion, it was keen to provide you with a variety of the finest natural vinegar, including apple vinegar , grape vinegar, ginger vinegar, garlic vinegar, and white vinegar. All of them have many benefits, awaiting you eagerly to discover them.

Tolido Sella Basmati Rice

In Haryana and Punjab plains along the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, grows the finest basmati rice in the world, after being saturated with pure natural rainwater and the water of rivers descending from their towering peaks. We are always keen to be there, to pick and choose for you the long rice grains even after cooking, and pure in color and taste to adorn your tables with what pleased the eye and delights the heart. Tolido Basmati rice comes to you in multi packing suits all budgets to be always on your tables and share you the finest moments, with its great benefits , distinctive flavor and appearance that captivates eyes.

Luxury Tolido Vegetable Ghee

Tolido vegetable ghee is made from pure, refined and non-hydrogenated vegetable oils, and does not contain any animal fat. It was produced and packed according to the highest international food standards and under strict health conditions and quality control system. In addition to the richness of Tolido vegetable ghee in Beta carotene and Vitamins A & d, you will be drawn to its nice smell and luscious flavor to be the good companion to you when prepare your favorite sweets and lovely dishes.

Luxury Tolido Canned Food

Because that one secret of attractive tables is homogeneity of graces provided by the terms of quality , originality and uniqueness of taste, color, value and appearance, Tolido was keen to provide you with a variety of the best types of easy to prepare canned products, to discover a new world have signed by Tolido. Hummus Tahini Hummus tahini comes to you from Tolido prepared by expert hands know the secrets of successful mixture in Acquisition your wishes and development your sense of satiation filled with authentic flavor. Foul Medammes Rootage of our products is backed by the expertise accumulated in the countries of origin, where the authentic heritage of the fava bean. We are keen to offer you Tolido fava bean in a suit harmonizing with your distinctive taste in terms of berry's color, size and savor to be immediately ready to eat and enjoy a delicious meal. Green Peas Tolido Peas coming to you in a can ready-to-eat and suitable for the preparation of many dishes, especially with what is characterized in terms of appearance of freshness and sweet taste.

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