Vitis Industries Limited

Ansprechsperson Sergey Mosin
Adresse 989 Rouna Rd
PLZ / Ort 397 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
Land Poland
Haupttelefon (675) 328-1720
URL / Webseite
Gründungsjahr 2004
Anzahl Mitarbeiter 450
Umsatz / Jahr $10mln
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Since 2002, Vitis Industries core business has been built upon the manufacturing, distribution and sales of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our beverages are based on traditional Russian techniques where we use only the best ingredients available to us. Our ingredients are mainly sourced from within Papua New Guinea from our own growers and farmers network. Because PNG is an organically rich country, we can produce amazing extracts and flavours that compliment our base quality beverages. We can create unique flavour profiles for our products which separates us from the competition. Our products are all made onsite at our large manufacturing plant and we sell nationally with year on year continued growth into export markets like Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Vitis Industries have also expanded from beverage manufacturing, to include opportunities in construction, sanitation and property development.

Noni Juice

Mosin Fresh Noni Juice is made from fresh ripe Noni fruits, grown widely in the forests of Papua New Guinea. No artificial additives are added. Papua New Guinea has a natural environment free of urban and industrial pollution. Noni Juice has various treatment qualities then can help with general health. To get the best benefits of Noni juice, it's best to take 30mls, twice a day. Many people have made Noni juice a staple part of their diet and continue to take it for prophylactic reasons. Our Noni fruit is not genetically modified in anyway and is only pasteurised by traditional processes of pasteurisation.

Coconut Rum CocoU Blue

CocoU Blue is cocnut rum made from the fresh cocnuts and sugar canes grown in Papua New Guinea. This rum has 15% alc. and smooth sweet cocnut taste similar to famous Malibu. This cocnut rum can be drunk straight or can be mixed in various cocktails. This drinks is produced in natural environment free from industrial or urban pollution.

Blended whisky Captain Moresby

Captain Moresby is 3yo blended whisky made in Papua New Guinea from wheat alcohol and American oak. It has rich yellow colour and soft whisky taste as result of 3 years of aging and crystal underground waters. This whisky can be drunk straight on ice or can be mixed in various cocktails. This whiksy is made in commemoration of British captain John Moresby who discovered Papua New Guinea in 19th century and who established the current capital city of Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby.

Cocktail Blue Lagoon

Cocktail Blue Lagoon is classic cocktail that can be mixed in many bars around the word - this is 12% alc and carbonated - it is the best drink for any party, no time wasted for preparation - just open the bottle of cocktail, put ice cubes in tall glass, pour liquid into glass, add a slice oflemon for garnushing and drink. You do not need to look for various ingredients to mix Blue Laggon anymore, just buy and open the bottle of our cocktail.

Cocktail Margarita

Cocktail Margarita is classic cocktail that can be mixed in many bars around the world - it has 12% alc. and carbonated - Margarita is the best drink for any party - no need to look for various ingredients to mix Margarita, just open the bottle of our cocktail, put the ice cubes into tall glass, pour drink into the glass, add a slice ofmemin for garnishing, and drink.

Mosin Classic Lager

Mosin Classic Lager is traditional German style beer - it has 7% alc - this beers is made in Papua New Guinea - this beer wone Gold medal in Berlin Internationa Beer Compatition 2018 and Gold medal in Melbourne International Beer Competition 2018 - this beer is packed in glass bottles 330ml, 500ml and 750ml. This beer is produced by tradition "batch brewing" technology which takes about 3 months to prepare this premium craft beers. This beer is produced from the finest ingredients from Australian and New Zealand.

Mosin Fresh Instant Liquid Coffee Concentrate with Sugar

Mosin Fresh Coffee Concentrate is made in Papua New Guinea from 100% Arabica coffee and cane sugar. Coffee Concentrate made by cold brew process and remain all aroma and freshness of natural coffee. To prepare coffee 1 part of Coffee Concentrate should be mixed with 3 parts of water - hot or cold, add milk or cream at your taste.

Arabica Drip Coffee Dark Roast

Arabica Drip Coffee Dark Roast is made in Papua New Guinea from 100% Arabica coffee. Coffee is packed into 10g drip packs which should be installed on top a cup, then boiling water shoud be poured inside the drip pack and fine quality coffee will drip into your cup. This method is capable to produce the high quality coffee without the use of coffee making machine.


MMM RTDs are flavored and carbonated ready to drink mixes - they have 5% alc and 12 different flavors: Rum Cola, Whisky Cola, Vodka Lemon, Vodka Pineapple, Vodka Orange, Vodka Lime, Vodka Cola, Coffee Punch Cola, Vodka Mango, Vodka Raspberry, Vodka Kalamansi, Bourbon Cola. MMM is packed in 330ml glass bottles. Made from finest Australian ingredients.

Vitis Industries was incorporated as a company in 2002 by Sergey Mosin and his wife Vikki Mossine. Sergey and Vikki saw a gap in the PNG market for beverages made using traditional Russian recipes that made the most of local ingredients found in Papua New Guinea. Sergey is originally from Russia's Orel province (where his family had a distillery developing the craft of producing vodka and other spirits and liquors from as early as the 19th century). After leaving Russia around the time of the end of the cold war, Sergey spent time in Malaysia before settling in Papua New Guinea, and making a new home there with his wife.

Sergey has since applied his vast background of Russian manufacturing techniques to train local teams within Papua New Guinea on the craft and production of beverage manufacturing. Together, Vitis Industries has created exciting new beverages that are innovative within Papua New Guinea.

Vitis Industries has seen considerable growth since 2002 and now currently employs over 300 staff based predominantly in Papua New Guinea. In total, its staff includes three PhD holders, five with bachelor degrees and 19 university diploma holders.

Vitis Industries is a member of the Manufacturers Council of Papua New Guinea and GS1 association based in Australia. Since 2009 International export markets have expanded quickly to include Australia, China and Japan.

Trading in China includes the Linyi and Qingdao cities of the Shandong Province as well as a retail shop within Linyi City. Vitis Industries have also expanded from beverage manufacturing, to include opportunities in construction, sanitation and property development.

Our beverage manufacturing facilities are located in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Expansion in 2009 saw it's primary location move out of the city, to a larger site at 9 Mile, Sogeri Road where buildings and brewing facilities were custom built on a large site of 11 hectares of land.

A lot of the natural ingredients used in beverage making is grown here on site, including Noni fruit, Vanilla, Aloe Vera and Coffee in plantations on the back part of the plant. The plant is situated right above a large natural water aquifer, which ensures a pure and reliable water source for manufacturing.

Papua New Guinea is a mineral rich country, with only 10% of the population living in Urban areas, which creates a unique opportunity to produce organic and pollution free agricultural products which can be used in our beverages. As a country Papua New Guinea is placed north of Australia, and is the second largest land mass in the world. Papua New Guinea is full of rare birds, rare animals and undiscovered species. This is testament to it still being one of the most undiscovered countries in the world. 

Sergey Mosin - Founder and General Manager 

Mr Sergei Mosin (Сергей Мосин) is a Russian specialist who graduated from Moscow Physical Engineering Institute in 1975 as an Engineer. Sergey obtained a doctorate in Thermodynamics in 1981 from the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers. This theoretical and scientific background has assisted Sergey to develop a manufacturing plant that achieves a high quality beverage standard and processes that are innovative to manufacturing in Papua New Guinea. Sergey is passionate about creating quality products that hark back to using proven methods taught to him from his Great Grandfather but with a new modern approach. When Sergey is not working in the business, Sergey enjoys travelling abroad visiting other countries and cultures. 


Vikki Mossine - Founder and Managing Director 

Vikki has a background in Marketing and Sales, and is married to Sergey. They met while working together at Vitis Industries in the early days. Vikki is in charge of the large sales team and drives initiatives and promotions throughout Papua New Guinea which include tours and music concerts through to family based activities and trade exhibitions. When not working in the business, Vikki is busy raising their four children and enjoys spending time with the extended family. 


Phillip Magic - Production Manager 

South African born Phillip joined Vitis in 2010. With a background in full scale assembly and production-line facilities he provides a wealth of knowledge to Vitis. Phillip has also lived in New Zealand and Samoa. Working as the Production Manager at McCashin's Brewery based in Nelson, New Zealand he assisted the brewery to grow from a small craft brewery to a company bought by one of the largest brewing companies in Australasia. In Samoa, Phillip was the Operation Manager of Valima Brewery. When Phillip isn't working he enjoys relaxing with his partner, traveling and seeing new areas of Papua New Guinea. 


Andrew Bodikey – Warehouse Manager 

Andrew is from the Philippines and joined Vitis in 2010. Andrew is responsible for the Warehousing of all finished goods and deliveries of Vitis beverages and products around Paupa New Guinea and abroad.


Phillip Zhu – Construction Manager 

Chinese born Phillip joined Vitis in 2011. Phillip is responsible for all construction activities at 9 Mile, Sogeri Road – which includes managing a team of 50 workers including six Chinese Engineers. Phillip has project managed various buildings and roads for Vitis including production warehouses, accommodation buildings, a water treatment plant, and a three-story shopping mall at Gerehu, Papua New Guinea. See more about Vitis Construction here


Thomas Palangat – Sales Executive  

Papua New Guinea native Thomas Palangat joined Vitis in 2008 and has a wealth of experience within the local beverage market – having worked for leading liquor companies long before Vitis was established. 


Jane Galope – Human Resource Manager 

Jane is from the Philippines and joined Vitis in 2010. Jane is responsible for hiring staff both locally and Internationally.      

Vitis Industries is 100% family owned by the Mosin family. As an independent company Vitis Industries has grown from 10 people in 2002 to its current size of 300+ people in 2014. By being independent we are able to have the freedom to innovate and create. We aim to bring new and exciting products and services to market into the future.